Basically its a collection of files hosted by other people`s computers and servers around the world. If they stay logged into their torrent client , then they become pay of the larger collection of hosted files. The more seeds there are, the more people are making this file available, and the faster it downloads. Seeds are usually marked by “SE” under the file description. The list above has the best option that you can choose in place of uTorrent. The above-listed uTorrent similar apps are completely safe to use.

  • The first is that you have limited the download speed earlier and forgotten about it.
  • Once done with all above steps, clickApplyand theOKbutton to save the settings you have done.
  • A VPN is an invaluable tool when participating in potentially harmful activities on the internet, so you need to be sure to use one while torrenting.

Since it is open-source software, it offers various customizable options and features that ensure a better user experience. Once you’ve selected a VPN provider, download and install the software, taking care to use the most secure settings available. Then, choose a torrent-friendly server with safe, legal content, connect to your VPN, and establish a secure connection. Finding torrents on Google and other search engines can be a hassle and consume much of your valuable time.

How to Make BitTorrent Faster? – Tips and Tricks to Boost BitTorrent Downloading Speed

It can eat up too much memory, which might cause your device to lag or freeze. In that case, you should use a lightweight and safe torrent client like qBittorrent, Transmission, or Deluge. What’s more, free VPNs offer poor torrenting support. Waiting 5-6 hours or more for a 1-2 GB file is often the norm. Also, free VPNs use bandwidth caps – usually up to 2 GB per month. You’ll barely be able to download anything using a free VPN VPN for torrenting.

What makes uTorrent special is its polished interface and lightweight app, which means it can operate without consuming a lot of resources. Its compatible with Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS, which covers almost any device. Its features are quite advanced, too, as you can schedule torrents, adjust bandwidth, and find torrents through its built-in search engine. And since it’s the most popular torrent downloader with a 68.6% market share, you know it’s widely trusted and used.

How to Set Up a SOCKS5 Proxy in uTorrent

QBittorrent is an open-source, cross-platform, free torrenting client. It’s simple and lightweight, but also comes with a solid set of features, including extension support. Your bit torrent client then starts downloading fragments of the file from both peers and seeds. Once you have enough of the file, other people who are looking for that same file can download those fragments as well from your bit torrent client.

Limiting connections and peers helps manage the overhead involved in handling so many connections. You can check the peers display within QBittorrent and drop the slow ones or those who download but don’t share. Once you know your average maximum download and upload rates, go into QBittorrent’s settings and adjust accordingly to around 80 – 90% of the maximum average for both. Now you are downloading a torrent, while uploading another torrent at the same time, both at the maximum of your download/upload speeds.

Thus, this setting needs to be 520 for a 1Mbits connection. Enable the UPnP port mapping and the NAT-PMP port mapping options in the Connection section. This will ensure that your downloads are not being held up by inspecting your downloaded data. Leaving the Add Windows Firewall Exception option on will also improve your download speed. A network of peers that are all trying to download the same file. Each peer in a swarm has anywhere from none of the file to the entire file.