For example, if you are scrying for a financial or money issue, then select either a green or gold candle. If your candle doesn’t burn evenly and part of the candle remains standing like a partial wall, it usually reflects an unwillingness to see the spell cast. It can mean that someone is holding on to the past and doesn’t want a final conclusion to the situation or circumstance. If you are burning a bride-and-groom type candle for love, and the man’s wax runs all over the woman’s, then the man desires the woman more than she desires him. Twisted pillars of wax, bizarre shapes or monsters is read as turbulence and further healing is required. Heart shaped wax puddles of positive when working love spells.

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If it flickers toward the north, it is for a mundane reason, not a spiritual one. The louder the sounds become, the stronger the will to communicate with you. A slow and weak burn could point to a weakly conducted spell, prayer, or general intention. The kitchen is where friends and family gather to prepare food and create memories. Accenting the kitchen with crystals can assist with mindful eating, maintaining a wellness goal, supporting di…


She also recommends pairing gold with other colored candles to really amp things up (i.e., gold and orange for a new relationship). On the other hand, if your spellwork attracts positive forces, it means the flow of your candle wax is clockwise. If your candle burns cleanly and naturally, then it means your spell is working desirably. Spells have the correct amount of energy and work at the right timings. A strong and tall candle flame is a sign of determination. It reflects that you can achieve anything you want and put your mind to it.

Bright Candle Flame Meaning

The flame provides steady light and a reliable source of warmth. Spiritualists often recommend taking a step back and considering the meaning of a dancing candle flame from a different perspective. Doing so could uncover new meaning you didn’t see before, providing insight into the obstacles that stand before you.

If your candle has a clean burn, with no wax remaining at the bottom, then your spell is a success. There are no obstacles in your way, and you just now need patience to await your spell to manifest in the physical. If there is quite a bit of wax left at the bottom of the candle, then your spell has met some form of obstacle. You must decide if you wish to try your spell another time or if you simply want to give up.

Fourth Sunday of Advent Readings: Love

These two energies can work together or can burn in opposite directions. We can determine the kind of spell that is working, like hexing spell and protection spell. The candle flame that crackles and sputters demonstrates the communication form. The intensity of both determines messaging, frequently sputtering, and loud crackling alerts of arguments. Candle flame meaning concerning the manner the flame is burning.

  • The most obvious is that someone is intentionally blocking your spell.
  • This candle, like many black stones, are known to absorb any negative energies that may surround you or your environment.
  • If for a positive reason, you must clean yourself spiritually of negativity.
  • You should make sure the airflow in the room does not influence the burning of the flame.
  • While chime candles can be effective, they may not necessarily indicate success/failure due to the clean burn these types of candles produce.

A candle wax flood can be characterized as out-of-control. You must examine the intention of your spell to assess how this flooding of wax will impact the desired results. For example, if your spell is career related, then there will be a greater result that may prove to be overwhelming and unexpected.

Full Wolf Moon Ritual for January 2023

Being able to interpret candle flame meanings is a highly useful skill for anyone who is interested in understanding the spiritual world around them. This is a sign of a well-conceived and properly executed spell. (It is also, I must say, the sign of a well-positioned and correctly-sized wick.) Your spell will go exactly as you have written and expressed it. A noisy candle indicates communication with outside forces. An uneven burn can signal that someone or something is working against you.

  • Before getting started, just as with any spell or ritual, it’s important to set an intention, as well as energetically clear the space you’re in.
  • There are no obstacles in your way, and you just now need patience to await your spell to manifest in the physical.
  • Highly recommended for use with meditating or before bedtime.
  • When you start looking for clues with a firm conviction in either direction, you can misinterpret candle flame meanings quite easily.

The wick of the new candle is saturated with wax, so the flame is high. But wax is supplied in a sustained burning candle, so flame goes back to normal. Green candles help to bring prosperity and growth to almost every aspect of life.

If the flame is strong or if it dances about can tell you can indicate if your spell is powerful enough to work. Other candle flame reactions carry specific meanings and messages. A candle reading gives you information to help you understand how effective your spell is. There are messages in the way the flame reacts, wax melts, type of soot from the candle, wick, or time it takes for the flame to self-extinguish.

This peculiar result of burning a candle represents that the universe is working in your favor! You are likely to have good luck or success in your intention. If the soot runs to the bottom of the jar, then there may be certain forces working against your intention.

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Purple candles are for healing and removing diseases from the mind and body. Purple candles improve your career and status and increase spiritual awareness, wisdom, and tranquillity. There are obstacles, and the spirit is working hard to try to overcome these from the beginning. Look to the other signs to see if the candle was successful.

Shapes of animals, cats, goats, domestic animals and fowls can mean that an animal sacrifice took place to strengthen a spell against you. A further ritual is called for to neutralize the spell (the source, usually Santería or Palo Mayombe). Many make or buy tallow candles for uncrossing and unhexing spells. On a positive note, it could be an animal spirit that is close to you.


When you start looking for clues with a firm conviction in either direction, you can misinterpret candle flame meanings quite easily. Confirmation bias takes over, and it isn’t easy to see the messages for what they are. Fire is naturally unpredictable, so interpreting the meaning of candle flames can come with many challenges. Reading and understanding candle flame meanings isn’t easy. But once you have a basic understanding of how to read fire, it can unveil important truths you never realized you had. Take this candle flame as a sign that you need to take action.

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They also help release candle readings and meanings emotions and break the chains that connect you to a toxic person or relationship. And bring you energy, courage, sex, passion, and vitality. Witchcraft or candle magic has been outlawed in many parts of the world for the best of a thousand years. As it’s practiced in church services, the Advent wreath is usually lit at the beginning of the weekly service with its accompanying Advent reading from the Bible. Again, the beauty of this tradition is that you can make it your own, as it suits you and your family. If you are performing a moon ritual to set your brand new intentions and the candle flame is pointing south, it means your desires won’t manifest in the upcoming month.